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Are you a Musician, Band, Promoter or Venue?
Join the LHSF Global Music Network!

The LHSF GLOBAL MUSIC METWORK is an amazing way promote your band, venue or event AND make a difference!

The LHSF Global Music Network is the first international charity network featuring some of music’s most legendary musicians and producers including Mike Peters (The Alarm), Billy Duffy (The Cult), Nick Harper, Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats), Jimmy Barnes, Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze), Cy Curnin and Jamie West-Oram (The Fixx), MTV Producer Alex Coletti and music producer Tony Visconti.

LHSF’s close connection with international musicians and mountaineers is allowing us to create innovative, music-related, outreach and awareness programs such as:
  • Empire Rocks, the first ever concert atop the Empire State Building
  • Snowdon Rocks, the highest gig in England and Wales
  • Union County Music Fest, walkathon and free music festival in New Jersey, USA
  • Everest Rocks, the historic trek and concert at the base camp of Mount Everest

Throughout 2008, LHSF will host or be the beneficiary charity at concerts and music festivals around the world. In addition to the events above, we are planning future climbs and concerts in Scotland, Austria, Australia, Switzerland and Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado.

What can you do?
Join in the battle against cancer:

  • Add LHSF to your website home page, MySpace page, blogs and newsletters
  • Display a LHSF banner at your next concert or in your venue
  • Wear and sell LHSF leather or camo cuffs at your merchandise booth
  • Donate a portion of your sales to LHSF
  • Select LHSF as the benefciary charity for your music festival
  • Invite your mailing list to join the LHSF Army

Your support will not only help to raise awareness for this international foundation but will also give you access and exposure to the LHSF network through:

  • LHSF website and MySpace
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Invitations to partake in LHSF international concerts and climbs
  • Recognition in LHSF press releases
  • Sponsor affiliations
  • Free LHSF gear

With your help we can save lives NOW. Contact us today to learn how you can join our army!

Select LHS as the beneficiary charity for your music festival, concert or climb! Bring awareness to your community by throwing a benefit concert or climb. Contact us for more details.
To donate to a specific Peru Rocks trekker, please go to

Wear your camo!
Why? After being diagnosed for the first time, and while on tour with his band the Alarm, a faith healer revealed to co-founder Mike Peters that green was the healing color of life. Throughout six months of intense chemotherapy he continued to play and perform in his trademark green combat fatigues, to symbolize his “battle” against cancer. This has now become our symbol of health and strength. Shop here!
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100% of the proceeds from the following songs will go to the LHS foundation.

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