Austin City Limits 2016 Ambassador Program

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The Love Hope Strength Foundation at Austin City Limits Ambassador Program

Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL) is committed to supporting organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life for generations to come. For the second year at ACL, Love Hope Strength Foundation (LHSF) is providing Ambassadors at the Festival to promote its mission. Read this program overview and sign up to apply as an Ambassador for the LHSF team at the Festival.

The LHSF Mission: Saving Lives, One Concert at a Time

LHSF is the world’s leading rock and roll cancer foundation. LHSF turns concerts into lifesaving events by signing up people to become potential marrow donors through the GET ON THE LIST (GOTL) campaign. At the Festival’s LHSF booth, patrons will fill out a form and do a quick cheek swab to be a possible match for someone fighting a blood cancer in need of a life-saving transplant. Learn more about Love Hope Strength Foundation’s mission here.

Saving Lives in Real Numbers

Through the GOTL campaign at all LHSF donor drives, the Foundation is able to track where matches originate: a real, measurable statistic tied to a particular event.

ACL ranks in the top four festivals in the country for the number of potentially life-saving matches where LHSF has had a presence: 70 to date.

LHSF Ambassadors will help spread awareness of the cause with the goal of increasing registration.

The LHSF at ACL Ambassador Role

  • Spend about 4 hours interacting with fans on teams focused on patron services and eco-initiatives: help fill water bottles, provide answers for patrons, motivate environmentally friendly acts through the Rock & Recycle Program, and more. The Ambassador teams enhance the Festival experience for all fans while promoting the Love Hope Strength Foundation mission.
  • As a thank you to Ambassadors for supporting the Love Hope Strength Foundation mission, spend the rest of the day enjoying the Festival.
  • All LHSF Ambassador roles benefit the Love Hope Strength Foundation to help save lives, one concert at a time.


Note: All Ambassadors for Love Hope Strength Foundation at ACL must comply with these policies in their role representing LHSF.

  • Ambassador applicants will be automatically enrolled in the Love Hope Strength Foundation mailing list to receive updates from the organization.
  • Ambassadors must be at least 18 years old as of September 29, 2016.
  • Ambassador roles include no monetary compensation.
  • Ambassadors at ACL must reside in the Austin metropolitan area.
  • All Ambassadors must supply their own transportation to the event.
  • An Ambassador must complete the assignment in a satisfactory manner (i.e., reporting on time for all shifts, staying the entire shift, wearing assigned Ambassador identification during shifts, and respecting other Ambassadors, staff, performers, and patrons of the Festival).
  • Use of alcohol or controlled substances before or while on duty is strictly prohibited. No exceptions. Violators will be subject to immediate dismissal from the Ambassador program. Smoking on shift is also prohibited.
  • Missing assigned shifts (or not completing a shift) will jeopardize participation as an Ambassador in the future. Note: Every selected Ambassador will be given a chance to decline their assignment prior to the event.
  • All Ambassadors must wear the Love Hope Strength Foundation Ambassador t-shirt while on shift during the Festival.
  • All Ambassadors understand that they are representatives of Love Hope Strength Foundation and must abide by all rules and regulations outlined by the host venue while supporting the Foundation.
  • Ambassadors will be asked to be personable, complete a task assigned by a Foundation representative, and promote the marrow registration initiative GET ON THE LIST taking place in the LHSF booth at the Festival.
  • Selected Ambassadors must sign an online Release prior to reporting in for their first shift.
  • Event is rain or shine.
  • Failure to perform duties as expected/required may result in dismissal from the Ambassador program.


All Ambassadors earn free entry into the Festival by completing an assigned shift! Ambassadors receive a unique Ambassador t-shirt to wear while on shift and to keep as a memento of their contribution to Love Hope Strength Foundation. There will be other perks just for LHSF Ambassadors, such as refreshments, snacks, special LHSF swag, and more.


  • Availability: Ambassadors who are available for a shift each day of a Festival weekend (all three days) are selected first. A typical shift is about 4 hours each day during the Festival show days: 9/30 – 10/2 and 10/7 – 10/9.
  • Shift Times: Love Hope Strength Foundation selects Ambassadors who are flexible with their schedule and can work shifts at various times each day (each team usually has a morning, afternoon, and evening shift). Most Ambassadors will be assigned an evening shift on at least one day of their schedule.

Positions are front-of-house roles. There are no backstage, VIP, medical, or production positions for Ambassadors. Applicants should sign up for more than one team, but Ambassadors are usually assigned to one team throughout the weekend. Some teams have special requirements.


Within each Ambassador team, all team members will act as Ambassadors to help spread awareness of the cause and increase registration. All Ambassadors understand that they are representatives of Love Hope Strength Foundation and must abide by all rules and regulations outlined by the host venue while supporting LHSF. All Ambassadors are expected to complete the tasks designated to them by an LHSF representative. Team members must also be able to direct patrons to the Love Hope Strength Foundation booths and promote the Get On The List campaign.

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[toggle title=”Ambassador Headquarters”]

Ambassador HQ is the heart of the LHSF Ambassador program! As an Ambassador registrar, the goal is to greet Ambassadors, check id’s, and use an online program to verify that each Ambassador has checked in for their shift and/or add any brief notes as needed. The goal is to accurately register Ambassadors and quickly get them checked in and on their way!

Other duties include t-shirt distribution, answering general questions, keeping the HQ area clean and organized, replenishing supplies, helping promote the Get On The List campaign, etc. There could be some light lifting.

We need outgoing candidates who are friendly and welcoming to all Ambassadors and, because of registration duties, must also be detail-oriented, have the ability to quickly learn the online registration process, remain professional, and be able to focus on the task at hand. Must exude a positive spirit to help welcome, interact with, and motivate all Ambassadors—both about their team role and acting as advocates for the Get On The List campaign.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Backup”]The backup team is the “go to“ crew, stationed in Ambassador HQ. Throughout the Festival, this team helps wherever needed to ensure a positive patron experience and also fills in on any of the other Ambassador teams. Handing out equipment at festival activations, filling water containers at the Filling Stations, assisting at the Rock & Recycle booths, welcoming patrons or managing lines on the Greeters team—this team does it all!

Requires a friendly, positive attitude and a willingness to help wherever needed. Could require light lifting.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Box Office/Greeters”]

These teams are posted near the Festival entrances, at designated spots near the entrances, or at or near the box office or at ticketing help desks near the Festival entrances.  Team members might be one of the first people that patrons meet, and must be professional, outgoing and friendly, with strong customer service skills in order to interact with patrons from all over the world.

Fans have many questions as they enter the Festival or visit the box office, so this team needs to study the Festival FAQs, have a good sense of direction, and quickly learn and communicate any breaking information.   This team also needs to be able to quickly adjust to changes and help identify problem areas.

A plus is being familiar with nearby Austin landmarks, streets, public transportation systems, etc.

In the box office area, the team will help direct patrons to the correct lines at the box office, answer general questions, and help ensure that lines move quickly and smoothly.  Typically in a team of two, greeters answer any questions from patrons and help them on their way into the Festival or direct them to other areas.  You might carry a tall sign that says “Fest Info—Ask Me” so patrons can quickly find you. Other duties might include helping direct patrons to the right lines.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Filling Station”]Water stations made their debut in 2010 and were a huge hit. In tented water stations throughout the park, Ambassadors will help serve patrons free, filtered, cool water from special spigots. These stations are a huge step in helping green the Festival. Fans love the water stations, especially on a hot Austin day, and are enthusiastic and grateful. Several of the water stations are near stages, too, so it might be possible to hear music throughout the shift![/toggle]

[toggle title=”Information”]The Information team specializes in answering patrons’ questions. It’s as simple as that! This team assists fans by providing the answer to a variety of questions such as stage locations, a certain food court vendor, the nearest ATM, and where to charge a phone. The Information booths will also be the location for Festival programs, which contain a map of the grounds and schedule grids for each Festival day.

Team members must be friendly, enthusiastic, and helpful while interacting with fans from all over the country. A plus is being familiar with nearby Austin landmarks, streets, public transportation systems, etc.

There are two Information Centers. At the centers there will be maps, programs, and signage for reference, but team members have to be able to quickly learn the answers to basic questions. Before the event, plan to study the Festival’s website and become familiar with all of its elements. The Centers also include lost and found, and the team will keep lost items organized and help identify and return items to their owners.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Austin Kiddie Limits”]The Festival is family-friendly and Austin Kiddie Limits (AKL) is an area dedicated to the Festival’s youngest fans. This team helps set up the area and assist with various activities as directed. Some team members will “tag” kids by registering them and placing wristbands on youngsters (to help connect them with their parents or guardians in case they get lost). Team members will also answer general questions regarding the AKL area in a friendly, positive, and professional manner.

Ambassadors for this team must have relevant professional job experience (ex: elementary school teachers, pediatric nurse) and/or an educational degree or major focusing on childhood education.

The team is small, and we receive a lot of interest for this team. Be sure to sign up for other teams as well.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Media Team Assistant”]This team will help run the media check-in tent and complete other duties as assigned. The media area has media representatives from across the country and the world, from local newspapers to music magazines to television crews. Ambassadors will help organize a Media/Press guest services area, answer questions, and complete tasks as assigned. Must be professional, friendly, helpful, and organized.

Because this team might deal with members of the Press and all Media Assistant team members will be wearing an Ambassador shirt clearly identifying them as Love Hope Strength Ambassadors, members of the Media Assistant team must be able to respond to any inquiries about the Get On The List campaign in a professional manner and relay information about Love Hope Strength and/or GOTL clearly and accurately. All team members will be expected to explain the nature of the GOTL program and how and where to register to become a potential marrow donor.

This is a special team requiring the highest caliber of Ambassadors to represent the Festival and is especially suited to journalism or public relations majors. The Media Assistant team is small and we receive a lot of interest for this team. Be sure to sign up for other teams as well.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Rock and Recycle”]This team encourages patrons to participate in the Rock & Recycle program, which allows fans to earn free Festival swag by collecting recyclables. Ambassadors will be assigned to a Rock & Recycle Center handing out special bags for patrons to fill with designated recyclables (cans, bottles, and cups). Patrons returning filled bags will earn a free collectible t-shirt or a chance to win special prizes. Since the program’s introduction in 2005, Rock & Recycle has grown to be a hugely successful program.

Rock & Recycle Ambassadors take filled bags, tie them off, and place them in a designated area next to the booth, so light lifting is required.

Some mobile team members will help spread news about the Rock & Recycle Program by roaming the crowds in teams of two with a tall sign, promoting the Rock & Recycle Program or answering general questions about the Festival’s greening initiatives. This team will enthusiastically direct fans to any of the Rock & Recycle Centers, and quickly explain how collecting and turning in a bag of recyclables can earn cool rewards.[/toggle]



  1. Sign in or create a user name and password here: Previous ACL applicants can update contact info, sign up for teams/shifts, etc., by visiting the link above. If you’ve forgotten your username or password, follow the application instructions–do not create a new record!
  2. Fill out the “Contact Information” and “Additional Info” sections completely.
  1. Sign up for teams and shifts in the “Opportunities” tab and SAVE. Ambassador applicants better their chances of selection by being available for a variety of teams and shift times. LHSF Ambassador recruiters will assign teams and shifts based on an applicant’s preferences and availability—and by evaluating the entire application to find the best fit for Ambassador teams. Flexibility is appreciated!

The Selection Process

Recruiters will review all applications and identify and assign the best candidates for available teams. If you are selected you will receive an email with instructions on how to confirm your assignments. All assigned Ambassadors will be required to sign on online Release prior to their first shift.

Not everyone who applies will be selected as an Ambassador. If you haven’t heard from us by the week before the Festival, it’s unlikely you will be placed.

Questions: Email [email protected] for further information.