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Love Hope Strength Rocks Events Timeline


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2016 Red Rocks Rocks [1st October]

2015 Red Rocks Rocks [26th September]

2015 Ben Nevis Rocks IV [13th June]

2015 Kilimanjaro Rocks II [5th – 19th January]

2014 World Cancer Congress Australia [3rd -6th December]

2014 Vail Rocks III [16th August]

2014 Snowdon Rocks VIII [21st June]

2014 Ben Nevis Rocks III [14th June]

2013 Snowdon Rocks VII [14th September]

2013 Ben Nevis Rocks II [7th September]

2013 Vail Rocks II [15th June]

2012 Everest Rocks II [24th November – 13th December]

2012 Ben Nevis Rocks [25th August]

2012 Snowdon Rocks VI [19th August]

2012 Vail Rocks [14th July]

2012 Avebury Rocks II [7th July]

2011 Kauai Rocks [19th – 28th August]

2011 Snowdon Rocks V [14th August]

2011 Avebury Rocks [9th July]

2010 MT. Fuji Rocks [21st-29th August]

2010 Pikes Peak Rocks II [31st July]

2010 Rhondda Rocks II [14th August]

2010 Snowdon Rocks IV / Rhuddlan Castle Rocks [7th August]

2009 Kilimanjaro Rocks [27th September – 9th October]

2009 Snowdon Rocks III [4th July]

2009 Pikes Peak Rocks [27th June]

2009 Rhondda Rocks [27th June]

2008 Peru Rocks [8th – 20th October]

2008 Snowdon Rocks II [21st June]

2007 Everest Rocks [9th – 31st October]

2007 Snowdon Rocks [23rd June]

2007 Empire State Building Rocks [April 16th]