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The 2017 Love Hope Strength Foundation & LiveNation Green Ambassador Program
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The 2017 Love Hope Strength Foundation & LiveNation Green Ambassador Program

LiveNation is committed to supporting organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life for generations to come. Piloting our program, the Love Hope Strength Foundation (LHSF) is providing Ambassadors at the venue to promote its mission.


The LHSF Mission: Saving Lives, One Concert at a Time

LHSF is the world’s leading rock and roll cancer foundation. LHSF turns concerts into lifesaving events by signing people up to become potential marrow donors through the GET ON THE LIST campaign. At the Festival’s LHSF booth, patrons will fill out a form and do a quick cheek swab to be a possible match for a life-saving transplant for someone fighting a blood cancer like leukemia or lymphoma. Learn more about Love Hope Strength Foundation’s mission here.


Saving Lives in Real Numbers

Through the GOTL campaign at all LHSF donor drives, the Foundation is able to track where matches originate: a real, measurable statistic tied to a particular event.

LHSF Ambassadors will help spread awareness of the cause with the goal of increasing registration.


The Ambassador Role

  • Spend about 6 hours interacting with fans on teams focused on eco-initiatives.
  • The Ambassador team enhances the concert experience for all fans while promoting the Love Hope Strength Foundation mission.
  • As a thank you to Ambassadors for supporting the Love Hope Strength Foundation mission, you will receive a voucher for use towards another LiveNation event (rules and regulations apply).
  • Ambassador roles benefit the Love Hope Strength Foundation to help save lives, one concert at a time.


With this unique opportunity, you will get a behind the scenes look at how a concert venue can reduce its environmental impact, while also helping put on a once in a lifetime experience for fans. Green Ambassadors will help educate concert fans on the venues new recycling and composting initiatives while at the show with the goal of being a zero waste venue! In order to make this happen, here are a few guidelines to ensure you know all the details necessary for becoming a great Green Ambassador:



  • All Ambassadors understand that they are representatives of Love Hope Strength Foundation and must abide by all rules and regulations outlined by the host venue while supporting the Foundation.
  • Ambassadors will be asked to be personable, complete a task assigned by a Foundation representative, and promote the marrow registration initiative GET ON THE LIST taking place in the LHSF booth at the Festival.
  • Ambassadors will engage fans who are interested or curious about things like what a “zero waste station” is, Live Nation’s environmental initiatives, why compost, etc.
  • Ambassadors will help guide fans disposing of their items to ensure everything goes in the right bin and there is no contamination.
  • Ambassadors will be professional and courteous to all fans and employees. Failure to do so will prevent the Ambassador from being eligible to receive concert tickets to a future show in exchange for volunteer hours.
  • Ambassadors will do their best to inform the team lead when leaving the assigned post to go to the bathroom or take a break.
  • Ambassadors will not leave their assigned station to try to go backstage, watch the concert, etc. Doing so will prevent the Ambassador from being eligible to receive concert tickets to a future show in exchange for volunteer hours.
  • Ambassadors will NOT pick up trash from the ground or try to empty bins by myself
  • Ambassadors who do not know where a specific item goes will ask fans to put it in the landfill bin (when
    in doubt, throw it out).



  • Arrive 1 hour before gates open (exact time will be specified in a confirmation email sent out prior to show.)
  • Attend training meeting to gain knowledge on program overview, compost, recycling, expectations and the Get On The List Mission.
  • Receive waste hub assignment and get into position
  • Gates open
  • Remain by waste hub throughout the duration of shift (bathroom and food breaks are acceptable)
  • Show ends
  • Get dismissed by team lead, turn in uniform/lanyard, and receive ticket voucher
  • Thank you for your help!


Zero Waste Station FAQs


What is a Zero Waste Station?

Zero waste means at least 80% of all the used resources get diverted from the landfill.  In order to achieve this, LiveNation has recently added Zero Waste stations.  These stations are designed to make it seamless for fans to reduce their environmental impact through clear signage and simplified resources.  Almost every item sold on site is either compostable or recyclable.  By giving fans these two options, everything going in recycling or compost will be used to create something else instead of sitting in a landfill.


Why should I care?

The United States is the leader is food waste.  About 50% of the all produce, and 75% of all plastic gets sent to the landfill each year.  These numbers can be drastically lowered with your help.  From your house to giant events like the Super Bowl, it has been shown you can achieve at least an 80% diversion rate for all materials.  This greatly helps to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.


What is compostable?

At this LiveNation venue anything you eat or use to eat can be composted, as well as most of the cups.  Compost breaks down organic materials and turns them back into nutrient-filled soil.  This is a closed-loop natural process that allows what you just ate to feed future apple trees or flower beds.


Where is the trash bin?

Because almost every item sold here is either compostable or recyclable, there is not a need for a trash bin.  For those few items like cigarettes or broken shoes that might have come from outside the venue, we have a small unmarked container.


Who is Live Nation?

Live Nation is the global leader for live entertainment.  Every 20 minutes somewhere in the world a Live Nation event is happening. This 1 of about 50 amphitheaters that we have in the United States alone.  We strive for excellence and innovation to ensure fans have an unforgettable live entertainment experience.