Become a Volunteer

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Want to Save Lives at some of your favorite concerts, festivals and events?

Thank you for your interest in being part of our mission of saving lives, one concert at a time. Volunteering is fun, easy and tangible! YOU can literally help us save a life while attending some of your favorite events.

Every potentially lifesaving match we find is tracked back to the very event and team of volunteers who made that match possible. Love Hope Strength is looking for passionate individuals who will help save lives by registering people to become marrow donors at your favorite concert, festival or community event.

What we do

Through our GET ON THE LIST campaign, we register people ages 18 – 55 to the National Marrow Registry with DKMS. All it takes is the completion of a consent form and a cheek swab for someone to GET ON THE LIST. If that swab matches someone in need, a life could be saved through an outpatient procedure.

Why we need your help

We have thousands of events and opportunities to set up booths all over the country and with only 2% of the population on the registry, we need volunteers to help us set up at these events and get more people signed up to GET ON THE LIST.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our volunteer program.  Read through the following guidelines, fill out the form, watch our training video and you’ll be on your way! You will then be able to check our calendar of events online for concerts in your area. Don’t see events in your area? Suggest an event and we will teach you how to run a drive on your own. It is that simple!

Questions? Give us a call at 720-379-7013 or contact us at [email protected]



• Volunteers do not have to be medically trained.
• Training can take place onsite by one of our staff members or by one of our qualified Rock Star volunteers.
• All volunteers must supply your own transportation to the event.
• All volunteers must arrive on time (usually 1/2-1 hr before the doors open).
• All volunteers must be able to stay, and work, until the Lead Volunteer decides it’s time to wrap up, usually for no more than 4 hours, and typically following the opening acts and prior to the headliner. Exact duties will be determined by the foundation.
• All volunteers must wear a plain black t-shirt or Love Hope Strength t-shirt.
• No alcohol may be consumed while volunteering, no exceptions.
• Love Hope Strength reserves the right to ask that a volunteer leave the premise for any reason.
• All volunteers understand that they are a representative of Love Hope Strength and must abide by all rules and regulations outlined by the host venues and other concert venues while supporting the foundation and those outlined in the confirmation email(s).
• Volunteers must be respectful of the venues, bands and other nonprofits or businesses at an event. There is to be no contact with the artists or venue initiated by the volunteers.
• Volunteers will be asked to be personable, perform set up and break down of tent, load and unload vehicles, and promote the bone marrow registration initiative. Heavy lifting may be required.
• All events are rain or shine unless otherwise specified
• All information obtained during a bone marrow drive is strictly confidential. Volunteers must agree to abide by all confidentiality regulations outlined by DKMS. This includes any information obtained via bone marrow registration applications, foundation raffles and mailing lists. *Obstruction of these confidentiality guidelines can result in legal filings. Everyone who volunteers will have their name entered into a raffle each time they work an event.